The Best Tricks of Getting More from a Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract

When mobile phone contracts are turned down because of bad credit, many get very frustrated. The low credit score makes the applicant a high-risk party that no company wants to deal with. However, this is not the point to give up. You can still get the same device by going for a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

The biggest issue with guaranteed mobile contract applicants is that they see it as a favour. Well, you need to put a brave face and look at the value of the contract. While it is true that other applications were down, the reality is that you will ultimately have to pay. In this post, we look at the special tricks that you can use to get more from a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

Only go for the contract that matches personal phone use

While the signing of the contract might be the climax of the search for a good phone, it is better to consider it as the beginning. For example, if you have signed a guaranteed mobile phone contract with £600 that runs for 24 months, it means that you have to meet the agreed monthly dues until the repayment session is over. Therefore, how can one tell the personal phone use? There is no shortcut to it. You have to pick a pen and a paper.

  1. Establish the number of minutes you call every day.
  2. Determine the number of messages you send every day.
  3. Find out the number of data used daily in megabytes.

Once you establish the above three parameters, multiply with 30 to get the personal phone use requirement for every month. For example, if you call for 20 minutes, send ten SMS, and carry light browsing every day, a good plan can be something like 600 minutes, 400 SMS and 1000 MB of data for every month.

Carefully review the contract to identify punitive clauses

When the phone companies draw contracts, they put so many details that will affect the relationship with you. In many cases, people are rush to sign contracts without understanding all the details. This has been the main reason for penalties even when one makes a positive move such as paying the contract before the term is over.

You should particularly look for the punitive clauses and insist they get reviewed. For example, many contracts do not allow you to clear them in advance. This means that if the contract is expected to end in 20 months, trying to clear it in ten months will be penalized. But that should not be the case.

Insist that such offending sections are removed. If you need to pay in advance, the lender should not be opposed as far as you clear the entire contract’s cost.

Look for the contract that makes it easy to shift to other providers

When you start using the contract, the full weight of its particulars will be felt. It is only at this moment that you can tell whether the services are okay or another company is preferable. Besides, a new provider might have entered the UK market, and you want to join it. Therefore, insist that the contract makes it easy to shift to another services provider once the contract is over.