I have very poor credit rating. Am I guaranteed of a phone contract?

If you have a poor credit rating, you can be rest assured that you are guaranteed of our mobile phone plans. In fact, our guaranteed phone contracts are specifically designed for individuals that have a poor credit rating or a history of CCJs. worry not!

Can I make an application for a guaranteed phone contract even though I am not yet 18?

In as much as we would like to be of assistance to you, we are sorry to inform you that UK laws do not allow us to enter into contracts with minors. A minor in this case is anyone below the age of 18 years. In the eyes of the law, any contractual agreements with a minor are considered null and void and therefore such applications cannot be approved.

I wanted the latest iPhone 8. Can I be approved considering my credit status?

Quite frankly, iPhone 8 is a very pricy phone and we can only make it available to you if you part with a considerable amount of money as security. This is simply meant to mitigate risks on our side. Without security of sorts, it will be difficult for us to guarantee you an iPhone 8.

What minimum requirements do I have to meet to be considered for a guaranteed phone contract?

The requirements are pretty simple and straightforward really. To be considered you need to be a UK citizen and as such you need to have an ID to prove you reside in the UK. Secondly, you need to be 18 years or older and provide proof that you reside within the greater UK.

Do I have to worry about credit checks when applying for guaranteed phone contracts?

Ordinarily, we are required by law to carry out credit checks every time a person applies for a phone contract. Guaranteed mobile phone contracts are not an exception. The only difference is that the results of such credit checks have no bearing whatsoever on the ultimate decision to approve or deny your request.

How long am I required to be committed to a phone contract?

For ordinary phone contracts, you are free to be committed anywhere between 6 months and 12 months. However, the minimum period we allow you to be committed to a guaranteed phone contract is at least 18 months.

Do you allow for early repayments?

Of course we do! Timely and early repayments go a long way in ensuring that your credit score is improved and even get a better deal the next time you apply for a phone. We highly recommend that you make monthly payments and if possible clear your obligations before the set timeline.

What happens if for some reason, I encounter difficulties in making monthly payments?

Quite honestly, we understand that every once in a while, you might run into financial constraints informed by a number of factors such as job loss, incapacitation among other things. When that happens, we advise that you contact us so that we can work a way forward or better still, make a new arrangement that will work for both us.

Can I upgrade my phone after a few months?

Your eligibility for an upgrade after a couple of months is informed by how diligent in making your monthly payments. Let it be known that eligibility is determined on a case by case basis and therefore it’s highly recommended that you make timely payments throughout your contract with us.