About Us

Elbolichede Phones is all about putting a smile on your face, turning your credit score status around and ensuring that you get yourself a phone contract the state of your credit rating notwithstanding. Since inception, our core aim and objective has been to bring about change in the lives of many UK citizens unable to get a phone contract because of the state of their credit rating. We believe, and strongly so, that not a single resident of the UK should be denied an opportunity to own a mobile phone in this time and age on the basis of their credit rating.

For this reason, we are steadfast in offering affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts to UK citizens from all facets of life. From the very first time we set up shop, we have been consistent in helping thousands of UK citizen get a phone contract your low and poor credit rating notwithstanding. Whether you have a history of not repaying your debts or the single number of times your application has been declined.

We are here purposely for you to ensure that you don’t feel discriminated upon or feel like a second class citizen. We are always ready to work out something for you and ensure that you enjoy the same benefits that individuals with a good credit rating do. Reach out to us today and we promise that we will get you a phone contract that is within your budget and the wonderful thing is that you don’t really need to worry about your credit rating.